Green Colonialism

By September 6, 2009Energy, Global Warming

Germany’s government has its own climate advisor, which in U.S. terms would make Hans Joachim Schellnhuber a climate czar, although there the title would probably be the catchier Klima Kaiser. In a Der Spiegel interview he lays out an explicit scheme of wealth redistribution, leveling economic productivity to a Third World niveau. After all, he argues, “Why should a German be allowed to emit more CO2 into the atmosphere than someone from Bangladesh? No, we must divide the quota equally and fairly among all nations.”

An expensive scheme…

SPIEGEL ONLINE: So industrialized nations would have to pay massive sums of money?

Schellnhuber: Yes. Up to €100 billion ($142 billion) annually. If the richest sixth of the world’s population were to pay this amount, each person would have to pay €100 per year. The West would give back part of the wealth it has taken from the South in the past centuries and be indebted to countries that are now amongst the poorest in the world. It would, however, have to be ensured that the poorer nations use the money for the proposes it is intended — namely to help them to develop a greener economy. This would help them to adapt to the more eco-conscious world of the future and would also save the industrialized nations from running into even bigger problems.

So the road to Copenhagen runs through Dhaka.  Wunderbar.

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