Gov. Barbour: You Want a Medical Liability Demonstration Project?

By September 18, 2009Briefly Legal, Health Care

Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi gave the keynote address today at a Heritage Foundation program on state legal reform. While most of his remarks dealt with the legislative strategy for ending lawsuit abuse, he touched on the medical liability in health care being debate at the federal law. Good comments:

It’s mysterious to me that the Administration and the leadership of Congress talk about health care reform and the goal of reducing costs, and yet refuse to put tort reform into the legislation. …

I believe that $200, $250 billion a year of health care costs are caused by litigation. Maybe more than that. But this is the lowest-hanging fruit. This ain’t rocket science. If they want a demonstration project, come on down to Mississippi, I’ll show you a demonstration project. And if it works in the worst state of the country for lawsuit abuse, I promise you it will work in other places too.

The program is available as an .mp3 file.

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