Friday Factory Tune: Work

By September 25, 2009Friday Factory Tune

Finally, a Friday Factory Tune with the word “factory” actually in it. And a timely one, too, since the G-20 is in Pittsburgh, the home of Andy Warhol ( Warhola), the subject of this song and live performance by Lou Reed and John Cale, part of the excellent 1990 tribute album, “Songs for Drella.”

Inspirational lyrics:

He was a lot of things, what I remember most
He’d say, “I’ve got to bring home the bacon, someone’s got to bring home the roast.”
He’d get to the factory early
If you’d ask him he’d tell you straight out
It’s just work, the most important thing is work

Clever, too, in that “The Factory” was the name of Warhol’s famous studio in New York City, where Reed and Cale performed in The Velvet Underground. Here’s a good video of Warhol, the band, and the looks-pretty-silly goings on from February 1967.

John Cale last month discussed Warhol’s contributions to work last month on the radio show, “Studio 360,” and performed another Drella song, “Style it Takes.”

Returning to Pittsburgh, we see the wives of dignitaries visited the Andy Warhol Museum. It’s just work. The most important thing is work.

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