Flooring from the 1930s, in Color!

Twin Cities humorist James Lileks is scanning content into his The ’30s website, and today brings us the colorful world of flooring courtesy the Armstrong promotional publication, “Dream Kitchens for 1939.” 

The nice thing about Lileks is that while he pokes fun and satirizes, he doesn’t mock. And Linoleum floors must have been a big hit in 1939, both durable and colorful. The kitchen designs are nice, too:

[Note] the ingenious use of vertical space for serving. A sparkling chromium frame supports broad plate glass shelves and underneath is a spice for parkgin the de luxe custom-built glass and chromium service cart. At the left is another tidy arrangement — a chopping board with extension to house a stool, a wide ledge to accomodate the food grinder, and underneath, a neat slide to hold the pan for drippings.

A slide for the drippings? Sold!

Armstrong remains a great American manufacturer of flooring products and more, we note.

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