CPSIA Update: ‘Resale Roundup’ Reaches into Yard Sales

By September 3, 2009General, Regulations

A Washington Times editorial, “From yard sales to jail yards“:

When federal agents can swoop down on your personal garage sale and arrest you for selling the wrong old doll, this is no longer the land of the free. Yet just such a scenario is possible because of a campaign called Resale Roundup, which stems from last year’s jobs-destroying Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

We wonder what’s next: handcuffing 10-year-olds for improperly mixing roadside lemonade?

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act already has proved to be an incredibly destructive law. It sets absurdly low new limits on lead content in items sold for children’s use, even if the product’s lead is virtually impossible to ingest. It sets new testing and labeling requirements for lead and for a common chemical in plastics, even if the testing and labeling process is likely to destroy the item being tested. It makes criminals out of unsuspecting mom-and-pop businesses — or puts them out of business — and has forced bookstores and libraries to pull treasured children’s classics off their shelves.

Now comes the Resale Roundup, which the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has ruled can be applied even without any “evidence of bad intentions or ill will.”

News story, McClatchy Newspapers, “Seller, beware: Feds cracking down on garage sales

BTW, we’re hearing of a Senate Commerce Committee hearings next week with CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum, but hearings on the CPSIA tend to get postponed or canceled.

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