Comment Period Ending for More Energy Security via OCS Oil, Gas

By September 17, 2009Economy, Energy

In February, Secretary of Ken Salazar extended the public comment period on the Minerals Management Service’s draft five-year program for Outer Continental Shelf oil and natural gas leases. As MMS explained:

The MMS is seeking comment on all aspects of the new program including energy development and economic and environmental issues in the OCS areas. Comments are also requested on the specific subjects of size, timing, and location of sales and on the issues of buffer zones, revenue-sharing, and the use of unitization to limit the number of structures. The public comment period is open until September 21, 2009…

So Monday is the deadline. The NAM has put together an online form that allows you to submit comments to the MMS, making this point:

[A] large-scale expansion of access to the OCS will reduce our dependence on energy imports. It will also serve as a key pillar for a comprehensive energy plan for which manufacturers have been campaigning for several years.

The American Petroleum Institute also has background materials available here on API’s Energy Tomorrow website. You can go directly to the MMS Web site to submit a comment.

We constantly stress the principle of energy security, that is, building U.S. economic resilience by robust development of all our energy resources. And let’s not forget jobs. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study found that the oil and natural gas industry supports more than nine million American jobs and contributed $1 trillion to the economy in 2007. More details about the study are available at the Energy Tomorrow posts here and here.

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