Card Check: The True Cost of Big Labor Bosses’ Agenda

By September 18, 2009Labor Unions

How much does Big Labor Bosses’ legislative agenda cost? The answer unfortunately is hundreds of thousands of American jobs. And that figure keeps growing.

Already economic analysis of the big ticket item of their agenda, the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, shows that 600,000 jobs would be lost in the first year after that bill’s enactment.

Now this week, a new report shows that big labor bosses’ misguided approach to protectionism costs our economy 585,000 jobs.

Their agenda doesn’t just kill jobs, but it also makes it more difficult to create new ones. Delegates to the AFL-CIO’s convention this week passed Resolution #14 which expresses support for the Healthy Families Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act. Sure, the titles of these pieces of legislation sound great, who can be against healthy families? The impact of these items are unhealthy for manufacturers’ ability to create new jobs in our struggling economy.

The AFL-CIO’s mission statement appears more ironic than ever today. It states:

We will speak for working people in the global economy, in the industries in which we are employed, in the firms where we work, and on the job every day.

Hard working Americans, whether they’re unionized or not, don’t want to see our economy continue to falter. However, if organized labor’s current leadership is successful in its advocacy, a faltering economy may be the best we can hope for.

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