Card Check: Sure, No Need Employees to Fear Union Intimidation

By September 30, 2009General, Labor Unions

From the Truth About PLAs blog, notice of a news conference held by Pennsylvania legislators and the Keystone chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors about new legislation prohibiting project labor agreements (PLAs) on public construction in Pennsylvania.

The follow-up blog post notes that local union workers were paid to disrupt the news conference. Included is a report from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Foundation:

[When] Rep. Bear got up to speak he was catcalled and booed by the mob of union members. His message was drowned out; in typical fashion organized labor used tactics of intimidation to silence the voice of opposition. What’s worse is that we overheard union members mentioning that they were being paid $26 an hour to protest. In contrast, most of Rep. Bear’s supporters were contractors who took time off of work to stand on principle. And yet the union members had the nerve to persistently ridicule supporters as clueless businessmen in suits bought off by special interests.

So organized labor, which pays members to disrupt public events, claims employees shouldn’t fear intimidation if the Employee Free Choice Act eliminates secret ballot elections?* Well, disruption speaks louder than words.

* Various “compromises” touted by Senate supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act have supposedly dropped the card check provisions. But at this point, all we hear are rumors of spin of Senator Specter portents.

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