Card Check: Pounding Out Another Unacceptable ‘Compromise’

By September 16, 2009Labor Unions

Reacting to Sen. Specter’s claim that he had “pounded out” an agreement on the Employee Free Choice Act that labor could accept. From The Wall Street Journal, “Specter, Unions Disagree on Path for Overhaul of Labor Laws“:

Union leaders and business groups kept their distance from Mr. Specter’s effort.

Incoming AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said card check legislation was still in play. The chairman of AFL-CIO’s organizing committee, Larry Cohen, said that until there were 60 Democratic-controlled votes in the Senate, “We don’t even want to finalize a bill, because who are we discussing it with?”

Business groups expressed continued opposition. The National Association of Manufacturers said the modified version outlined by Mr. Specter was unacceptable.

“The prompt certification that he’s talking about is code for ambush elections,” said Jay Timmons, the trade association’s executive vice president. He added that the arbitration proposals still allowed “a government-appointed bureaucrat to make decisions which need to be made at a local business level.”

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