Card Check: Legal Services Corp. Defends Value of Secret Ballot

By September 9, 2009Briefly Legal, Labor Unions

A Washington Times exclusive, “Federal program rejects ‘card check’ effort“:

While the Obama administration and its Democratic allies in Congress press to allow private-sector workers to unionize by signing authorization cards instead of voting by secret ballot, the government’s legal-aid program for the poor has declared the so-called “card check” strategy “unreliable” and rejected an effort by some of its own workers to organize that way.

The Legal Services Corp., a congressionally chartered, taxpayer-funded entity, even hired a law firm to rebuff the efforts of workers in its oversight offices to gain union representation by the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), forcing the workers to conduct a vote by secret ballot later this week.

The LSC’s decision has prompted concerns on Capitol Hill that the government may be trying to impose a solution on private businesses that its own agencies and panels are reluctant to follow.

Wow. Next thing you know some members of Congress who support the Employee Free Choice Act will be writing another country demanding it use secret ballots. That would really be a revealing double standard.

More at The Truth About EFCA.

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