Card Check: Creating Jobs by Destroying Them

By September 14, 2009Labor Unions

We were pleased to hear that at the AFL-CIO’s Convention in Pittsburgh, PA today Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said that her goal as labor secretary is to “simply create good jobs for everyone.”

We stand ready to work with the Secretary to address the workforce needs of our economy. But in expressing support for the job-killing Employee Free Choice Act, Secretary Solis is offering the wrong policies to accomplish that goal.

The Secretary also expressed a commitment to the increasing enforcement actions by OSHA and the Wage and Hour Division. Manufacturers are dedicated to improving the safety of their workplace. Over the past decade, the safety rate in manufacturing workplace has improved by 46 percent through compliance assistance programs like VPPs and Alliances. OSHA enforcement is important. However, merely increasing enforcement, or making penalties higher, will not produce lasting improvements in workplace safety.

We hope that the Department of Labor will recognize “what’s working” in our current system, and support those programs rather than simply levying fines and citations for violations.

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