Card Check: But If This is the Proposal, We Say ‘NO!’

By September 17, 2009Labor Unions

The Wall Street Journal editorialists consider the language a modified Employee Free Choice Act that Senator Specter claims will be the basis of legislation that could pass the Senate, judging by his comments to the AFL-CIO in Pittsburgh, that is. From “A Gift for Labor“:

In place of this proposal to automatically unionize if more than half the employees sign union cards, they are proposing an election within a week or so of a minority of employees petitioning for a union. This shotgun vote is intended to deny employees the kind of educated choice that comes with a proper discussion of the merits of unionization informed by both management and labor.

The new old “card check,” according to Mr. Specter, also gives unions unprecedented access to the workplace and meetings between employers and employees before a vote to unionize. Last we checked the Constitution, even in the age of Obama private companies haven’t signed away their property rights.

An equally problematic binding arbitration provision stays in. This idea would let a federal arbitrator impose a contract if the employer and a newly organized union aren’t able to agree within three months. In other words, a government-sponsored agent would decide what salaries and benefits management will have to pay its employees. Throw in the expanded access to company property, and this so-called compromise bill may be worse than the original.

The National Association of Manufacturers’ position is that the Employee Free Choice Act is at its heart a destructive, jobs-killing piece of legislation from which no compromise can be drawn. Senator Specter’s version proves the point.

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