Advancing Advanced Vehicle Technology

By September 18, 2009Energy, Innovation, Technology

From The Tennessean, Nashville, “House approves advanced vehicle technology bill“:

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed bipartisan legislation to re-authorize the Advanced Vehicle Technology program in the U.S. Department of Energy.

“From passenger cars to heavy duty long-haul trucks, it is essential for our country to reduce our dependence on petroleum and develop new energy sources and technologies to power these vehicles,” said Congressman Bart Gordon, D-Murfreesboro, who strongly supported the bill. “This legislation will support the research and development of advanced vehicle technologies, which will in turn play a critical role in creating new jobs and decreasing our reliance on foreign oil.”

The Advanced Vehicle Technology Act (H.R. 3246) was authored in and unanimously approved by the House Science and Technology Committee chaired by Gordon. The bill authorizes DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Program to provide long-term sustained funding for public-private vehicle research, development, demonstration and commercial application projects.

The vote was 312-114.

The National Association of Manufacturers had issued a statement from the NAM’s vice president for energy and resource policy, Keith McCoy, urging passage of the bill. Excerpt:

This legislation will create high-paying manufacturing jobs and create opportunities for universities to get involved in the research necessary to make important advances in clean energy. Many NAM member companies are making large investments in advanced vehicle technologies that will benefit from these partnerships with universities, and will expedite the manufacture of cost-competitive, clean transportation fleets that will be critical to the future of U.S. transportation.

This legislation will give our transportation sector a boost at a difficult time and assure our leadership in energy efficient transportation of the future. It deserves support from all members of the House.

So congratulations and thank you.

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