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By August 19, 2009Health Care

It’s turning into Washington Post Day today at Shopfloor.org. We’ll wind up with Kathleen Parker’s column about John Mackey, Whole Foods, health care and lefty outrage. She summarizes Mackey’s case for market and individual-driven health care very well:

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Mackey not only insisted that personal responsibility and choice are preferable to bureaucratic dispensation of health benefits, he went so far as to assert that health care isn’t a right, any more than food or shelter are.

Mackey went on to list alternative policy reforms that would improve our health-care system (and maybe even our health). His ideas include repealing state laws to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines; tort reform to end “ruinous lawsuits” that force doctors to pay exorbitant insurance premiums that drive up the cost of health care; Medicare reform; and revision of tax laws so that employer-provided health insurance and individually owned insurance carry the same tax benefits.

He urged removing legal obstacles to allow creation of high-deductible health insurance plans and health savings accounts such as those that his employees enjoy.

For which he’s been declared an apostate by the enlightened supporters of the public option.

Haven’t shopped at a Whole Foods in years. Maybe it’s worth checking out.

UPDATE (4:20 p.m.): The Post did a story on the Whole Foods bokchoycott, “Whole Foods Devotees Lash Out at CEO, in the process failing to find a Whole Foods shopper who disagreed with the concept. There are, in fact, Whole Foods outlets in the D.C. area where a reporter could talk to customers, Ken Sheppard points out at Newsbusters.

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