Still Celebrating the U.S. Oil Industry at 150 Years

By August 27, 2009Energy

The American Energy Alliance helpfully supplies more, good links to articles and commentary on the 150th anniversary of the successful drilling of the first commercial oil well in the United States, completed at Titusville, Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Inquirer, “Obscure, unsung genius of Penna.’s early oil boom“:

TITUSVILLE, Pa. – The oil boom that began 150 years ago in this small northwestern Pennsylvania town changed the world and made countless people rich, but not the man who found the way to extract black gold from the earth.

Edwin Laurentine Drake died an invalid, virtually penniless. In his later years, he relied on the goodwill of friends and a state pension given late in life to recognize the millions of dollars in tax revenue Pennsylvania made thanks to his drilling method.

The Titusville Herald, “The drizzle didn’t stop the sizzle with 240 attending BBQ,” celebrating the return of Penny Pennzoil to Titusville, 50 years on.

And from the inimitable Daniel Yergin, writing in “Foreign Policy“: “Oil’s very future is now being seriously questioned, debated, and challenged. The author of an acclaimed history explains why, just as we need more oil than ever, it is changing faster than we can keep up with.”

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