Scrappleface: Obama Plan Creates ‘Public Option’ Law Firm

Good satire from Scott Ott of Scrappleface, writing for The Examiner, “Obama plan creates ‘Public Option’ malpractice law firm“:

With multimillion-dollar jury awards in medical malpractice suits driving up the cost of liability insurance for physicians — and thus the cost of health care to consumers — President Barack Obama today backed a health care malpractice reform plan that would create a “public option” law firm to sue doctors for “reasonable” damages.

“We need to keep these ambulance-chasers honest,” Obama said. “These sharks are becoming obscenely wealthy by tugging the heartstrings of compassionate jurors, who then grant ridiculous damage awards for pain and suffering, which makes malpractice insurance rates skyrocket and jacks the price of health care for everyone.”

Satire with the element of truth. Last month, Linda Lipsen, a top lobbyist for the American Association for Justice, told attendees at the trial lawyers’ annual convention that health care legislation represented a threat because some moderate Democratic Senators could support tort reform. Lipsen specifically mentioned Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad says he would also be in favor of a tort reform component in a health care reform bill.

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  • henryyoung says:

    Why can’t just those why pay taxes get health benefits…how b’out that Obama and the rest of the health care reform starters??? NO seriously, this I could be in favor of, but not just letting any old person that comes to America, even the illegal’s to get health care and our taxes go up the roof???? No, sure, I will cont. to fight this…

  • Rich Gimmel says:

    Why isn’t ANYBODY seriously talking about tort reform as a part of this issue?

    Talk about an IMMEDIATE positive impact on the cost curve!

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