Health Care for All! (But Especially the UAW)

From Bloomberg, “Autoworkers See Help From $10 Billion Fund in U.S. Health Plan“:

Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) — Legislation overhauling U.S. health care includes $10 billion to pay some of the most expensive medical costs for millions of autoworkers, steelworkers, schoolteachers and other early retirees with coverage.

The provision, embedded in legislation passed in July by House and Senate committees, may help offset health-care concessions made earlier this year by the United Auto Workers as part of a government rescue of General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC and related cost-cutting at Ford Motor Co.

The UAW cited the provision in an e-mail this week urging its members to support a health-care overhaul, President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.

Here’s the UAW’s communication to its members. By the way, if you disagree with the UAW on health care, you are scum: “Not surprisingly, insurance companies and various right-wing groups are mounting a campaign to block health care reform. To counter their dishonest, disruptive scare tactics, UAW activists need to join with our progressive allies in sending a strong message to members of Congress that NOW is the time to pass genuine health care reform.”

(Hat tip: Peter List.)

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  • The real question is not so much the UAW’s bailout in the health care bill, but DID the UAW KNOW it would be getting this bailout on its VEBA when it negotiated for stock in both GM and Chrysler?

    Why isn’t anyone the media asking this question:

    Were there any discussions during the “auto bailout/bankruptcies” between the administration, congressional staffers, or the car “czar” and the UAW regarding exchanging GM and Chrysler stock for VEBA relief, and the VEBA being covered under any new health care bill?

    If the UAW did know, it sounds as though the Government Motors and Chrysler deals may be as fraudulent as fraud gets.

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