CPSIA Update: August 14 Comes and Goes

By August 16, 2009Regulations

Walter Olson at Overlawyered.com has a good roundup of news and commentary about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act’s Aug. 14 effective date for new, lower lead-content standards, the mandate for permanent product tracking labels, and drastically higher penalties, “CPSIA: August 14 arrives.” (CPSC release.)

We had missed this one:

  • Catalog Advertising 
  • Advertising for certain toys and games intended for use by children from three to six years old must have warnings regarding potential choking hazards to children younger than three. The requirement to include warnings in Internet advertisements went into effect on December 12, 2008. There was a grace period for the requirement for catalogues and other printed materials, but this grace period expired August 9, 2009. All catalogues and other printed materials distributed on or after August 9, 2009, regardless of when they were printed, must include the appropriate warnings.

    Care to hunt for the oversights and omissions, online or elsewhere? No, neither do we.

    As Walter notes, The Associated Press story is quite good, “New lead limits big concern for small businesses.”

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