CPSIA Update and the Latest Issue of ‘Industry Today’

By August 18, 2009General

“Industry Today” — www.industry.com — is such a fine looking magazine we sometimes call it “Vanity Fair for Manufacturing,” and that’s meant as a complement.

But another thing we like about it is that there’s always something unexpected in its policy and feature articles and company/industry profiles. The cover story this month is a column from Marion C. Blakey, president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association, about the “national security space industrial base,” which defends both U.S. security and economic vitality. Blakey observes: “It’s a vital infrastructure that delivers high-technology capabilities the nation clearly cannot afford to be without.”

Then there’s an article on Usina Alta Mogiana, the Brazilian agri-energy giant known for converting sugar cane to ethanol.

Of course, many good U.S. manufacturers are featured, such as Michigan-based Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor, which has responded to the downturn in the auto industry by creating new products for new markets — such as the movement of gypsum away from power generating stations.

NAM President John Engler also has a piece in this issue, “Unintended Consequences,” pages 8-9 in the online Flash version.

The Obama Administration and Congress have big plans for U.S. manufacturing and the economy this year, offering proposals to restructure health care, promote “green jobs,” and establish a powerful new regulatory regime to control greenhouse gas emissions.

Before any of these proposals as enacted into law, members of Congress should stop, take a deep institutional breath, and ask themselves: “Are we repeating the mistakes of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act?”

The best of intentions to go awry, Engler writes.

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