Card Check: Union Demonstrate Their Ability to Intimidate

By August 12, 2009General

Trumka at Sheetmetal Workers\' MeetingTrumka at Sheetmetal Workers\’ MeetingThe AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka spoke at the Sheet Metal Workers’ annual meeting this week where he delivered a rather blunt message to moderate Democrats: vote for EFCA and pass health care reform or we will withhold political resources.

A jarring reminder of union bosses flexing their political muscles to pass jobs-killing legislation that the public opposes. If Members of Congress face this type of intimidation, one can only imagine what it’s like for manufacturing workers caught up in union organizing campaigns.

See video below.


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  • callou says:

    Thank you, NAM, for posting this video. Most of us understand exactly what Rich Trumka is saying. Corporate America has taken over our goverment by putting cash in the hand of politicians whose only concern is getting money in their treasure chest so that they can run for the next election. But, working America is waking up!!! We may not have the money to match but we will march to the polls to cast our votes for those who support us, not those who wish to help corporate America in oppressing us.

  • Steve Merriner says:

    Atta boy Rich! This is about the American people….NOT about Corporate greed! If our politicians can’t do right by the American people….we don’t need them!

  • Donnie Blatt says:

    You tell em Rich. It’s about time that those who only pretend to support us hear the truth!

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