Card Check: Threats, Coercion and Silly, Silly Studies

By August 19, 2009Labor Unions

Several items, falling into place.

First, Sam Stein at The Huffington Post, “Labor Warns Dems: We’ll Sit Out Election If You Oppose Public Plan.” First the Employee Free Choice Act, now this. Why not argue the merits of your case — how does government-run health care help employees — instead of immediately turning to bullying?

Then this, from the labor beard, the Employment Policy Institute, “No coercion in card check.” The contention: “Without any evidence to support their claim, EFCA’s opponents argue that unions will coerce employees to sign authorization cards or obtain a majority through fraud. A recent report, however, suggests that this claim is frivolous.”

Frivolous? That’s an aggressive counter-intuitive assertion. EPI must have extremely persuasive data on which to make the argument. Here it is: “A study of four states—Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, and New York—that have had majority sign-up for public sector employees for many years…”

To the authors of this study, we make this point: Public-sector employees aren’t private-sector employees. Different laws, different dynamics, and since government is much more complaisant — taxpayers pay the bill — public-sector unions don’t need to resort to coercion.

We’d also direct you to National Right to Work:

In this new special National Right to Work Committee video report, Dana Corporation employees in Albion, Indiana, share their stories of harassment and intimidation by UAW union operatives during a militant card check organizing drive. The workers discuss how union organizers specifically targeted and ramped up their coercive tactics against female employees.

As one worker explains in the video, “People in the UAW will call you their sister or their brother. I never treated any of my brothers and sisters that way.”

UAW union organizers were able to collect a majority of signatures after weeks of pressure on the employees. Thanks to a precedent won by attorneys with the National Right to Work Foundation, the employees eventually forced an election and defeated the UAW union hierarchy.

Looks like good evidence on which to argue that unions will coerce employees to sign authorization cards or obtain a majority through fraud. Incontrovertible evidence, in fact.

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