Card Check: So That’s the Reason!

By August 6, 2009Labor Unions

The fourth annual gathering of the Netroots (formerly known as the YearlyKos Convention) will be held August 13–16 in Pittsburgh, PA. The Netroots Nation 2009 meeting will include panelist including the AFL-CIO’s Stewart Acuff. One of the panels will be focusing on the egregiously named Employee Free Choice Act.

From their website:

The Secret Plan to Defeat the Right Forever

Thu, 08/13/2009 – 4:30pm311

Modernizing the nation’s labor law is critical to expanding union membership—which in turn, will ensure conservatives become a permanent minority, as newly-empowered workers actively engage in political action and demand a new way of doing the nation’s business…

So that’s their reason for supporting the EFCA. It’s politics! Why else would labor bosses support a proposal that would put 600,000 hard working Americans out of work?

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