Card Check: Overlooking Forced Government Contracts

By August 3, 2009Labor Unions

The L.A. Times has been a stalwart opponent of the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), but now they’re changing their tune a bit and calling for efforts to pass a labor bill that doesn’t include card check, but allows paid union organizers increased access to worksites.

Make no mistake: This legislation in any form will be devastating for manufacturers. We’ve seen many influential publications openly oppose the EFCA as a result of the “card check” provision, but many have overlooked the intent of the legislation itself – to skew the careful balance inherent in our labor law system.

This piece in today’s L.A. Times fails to recognize the dangers of the bill’s binding interest arbitration provision. Such a proposal would enable federally appointed arbitrators to set the terms of the workplace relationship between employees and their employers through forced government contracts.

Any proposal that includes such arbitration terms and stems from the flawed Employee Free Choice Act must be opposed.

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