Card Check: Not a Priority

By August 27, 2009Labor Unions

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has just indicated that the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act will not be considered by the Senate anytime soon. Leader Reid explained to a Las Vegas business audience, “We have too many other things on our plate.”

While we’re encouraged that the Senate won’t take up the bill in the short-term, that doesn’t mean the legislation is dead.

Just last week the heir-apparent at the AFL-CIO claimed that union bosses will up the pressure on the card check legislation once the health care debate is completed. Richard Trumka shouted that the labor will resume its efforts soon, claiming:

“We WILL PASS EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE ACT legislation, we will not allow our ‘friends’ to pass on this essential part of an economic recovery solution!”

Recovery? How about recovering a little common sense and acknowledging that legislation that forces union membership onto unwilling employees and employers, both, is nothing but a jobs killer?

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