Card Check: No Enemies on the Left

By August 7, 2009Energy, Labor Unions

Yesterday the NAM’s Keith Smith drew attention to the upcoming Pittsburgh gathering of lefty bloggers and activists, Netroots Nation, and its panel on the Employee Free Choice Act, “The Secret Plan to Defeat the Right Forever.”

As Keith suggested, defeating the right forever is a purely political goal, far different than unions’ claim to pass the legislation to help workers. It’s inflammatory, too. “AFL-CIO — Defeating the Right Forever!”

The AFL-CIO doesn’t appear too troubled by the left-wing battle cry, promoting the event at its blog in a post, “Netroots Nation: Why the Fight for Employee Free Choice Matters“:

We’re getting excited this week for the second annual Netroots Nation conference, where more than 1,000 progressive bloggers and activists will meet face to face. We’ll discuss issues key to the future of our nation—including building a stronger, fairer economy by restoring the freedom to form unions and bargain.

Thursday afternoon’s panel, “The Secret Plan to Defeat the Right Forever,” offers an up-close look at why labor law reform like the Employee Free Choice Act is critical to a bigger, stronger empowered middle class and progressive movement.

That’s a clear statement of the AFL-CIO’s goals in passing the Employee Free Choice Act: to create a “bigger, stronger, empowered middle class and progressive movement.”

A movement that, judging by the Netroots Nation agenda, might often be at direct odds with the interests of that individual employee. Try getting a West Virginia worker to join a union by saying, “You’ll promote a progressive agenda. We even  oppose coal mining in your state.

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