Card Check: Members of Congress Continue to Defend Secret Ballots

By August 5, 2009Labor Unions

We always appreciate when Members of Congress stand up to defend secret ballots, and we’ve seen more and more expressions of support for the democratic institution on Capitol Hill.

  • Just today Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) said that if the Senate took a secret ballot vote on Supreme Court nomination of Judge Sotomayor it might be unanimous.
  • Last week the legislative manager of EFCA in the Senate, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), said that secret ballots should be used to determine Senate Committee Chairmen.
  • Earlier this year Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) expressed appreciation for secret ballots after the vote to determine the chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
  • Also Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) was quick to instruct his colleagues to vote with their secret ballots for that same Chairmanship election.
  • Who could forget when Rep. George Miller (D-CA) wrote to Mexican officials requesting secret ballot union elections?

Unfortunately all of these Members of Congress support the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act which would effectively eliminate secret ballots for American workers. I guess this is just another case of something being “good enough for me, but not for thee.”

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