Card Check: It’s Not Dead, It’s Just in Line

By August 25, 2009Labor Unions

On July 13th union bosses held a high-level meeting with President Obama, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. After the meeting, there was very little information provided by the White House regarding the details of the meeting.

One apparent result, however, was that union leaders de-emphasized their efforts to pass the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act, instead deciding for greater engagement on health care reform issues. This lead many to believe that efforts to pass the EFCA, which labor officials have touted as their No. 1 priority for this Congress, were dead.

Today however we gain a bit more understanding on this deal from the future head of the nation’s largest union group – Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO. The Hill reports that Trumka has disclosed in a blog discussion that “that organized labor would work to pass healthcare reform in order to move onto one of its top priorities, the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).”

Trumka on a blog claims that “The President/and Emanuel have both said they dont intend to bring Employee Free Choice Act up until Health Insurance Reform is done.” This certainly sheds a bit more light on what may have been discussed at the labor meeting at the White House last month. Get labor groups to focus on. the Administration’s priorities before the President engages further on the EFCA.

This is further evidence that the EFCA isn’t dead, but merely waiting in line for attention. Sort of like what happens to patients when government rations health care.

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