Card Check: Hypocrisy Abounds

By August 13, 2009Labor Unions

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is currently facing a labor dispute with its own workers. General President Jimmy Hoffa recently sent a letter to the union’s officers indicating that the Teamsters employees’ union “refuses to acknowledge the current economic conditions”. Perhaps they’re just following in the footsteps of their employer who is lobbying for the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act at a time when the economy is struggling to create and retains jobs. That certainly seems to demonstrate that the Teamsters’ leadership is refusing to acknowledge current economic conditions.

The letter further goes on to state: “No amount of embarrassment will cause us to commit to a collective bargaining agreement that jeopardizes the financial health of your International Union.” But the Teamsters think it’s OK to jeopardize the health of the manufacturing economy by supporting the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation that would require newly unionized employers to commit to a collective bargaining agreement drafted by a federally appointed arbitrator if the parties aren’t able to reach agreement within 120 days.

Another example of “do as we say, not as we do?”

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