A Moon Program as a Jobs Program

By August 12, 2009Economy, Technology

From Der Spiegel, “German Official Calls for Moon Mission

Sending a spacecraft to the moon might seem like an ambitious goal for Germany. But a senior government minister has called for just such a mission, arguing that it would create much-needed jobs.

Peter Hintze, the German government official responsible for aerospace and space travel, has called for Germany to launch a mission to the moon. Hintze told Germany’s ZDF public television on Wednesday that an unmanned moon mission would be “a good investment” and that sending a remote probe would not only be valuable for research purposes but would also create jobs.

A jobs program? But Hintze is calling for an unmanned mission.

P.S. The German unemployment rate was 8.2 percent in July with a major regional variation: 7 percent in the former West Germany, 12.9 percent in the former East Germany.

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