Waxman-Markey: It’s a National Building Codes Program

It’s just so interesting the things that are in H.R. 2454, the Waxman-Markey climate-government-business change bill. National building codes! More from NRO, The Corner:

Your Green House, Cont’d [Stephen Spruiell]

Jimmie Bise at the American Issues Project has a great follow-up on the cap-and-trade bill’s onerous home-retrofit mandates, which Kevin Williamson and I wrote about last week. Get this:

Pay close attention to (iii), (iv), and (vi) because those hit you right where you live. What that’s saying is the state will be empowered to inspect your home if you want to 1) renovate your house in any way that requires a building permit, 2) sell your house, or 3) change the name of the person responsible for any utility bill.

The bill enforces compliance by withholding tradable emissions allowances and other goodies from state governments until they crack down on the slackers. And once you comply with the directive to retrofit your home, the government reimburses you for no more than half of your expenses. Of course, the bill’s authors could make the argument that the nation’s biggest energy hogs don’t need the money.

Senators, read the bill!

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