Victory! Environmental Lawsuit Costs 1,000 Jobs

By July 28, 2009Energy

Consider this headline: “Environmental justice advocates win major victory over Chevron in Richmond

Chevron has stopped construction to expand its refinery’s capacity in Richmond, Calif., the result of a lawsuit filed by environmental activists. The project would install new technology and reduce emissions, but groups like Communities for a Better Environment cannot accept any successful energy operation. With the halting of the project, 1,000 construction jobs were eliminated.

Chevron has produced a video with personal testimonials, first-person accounts from those harmed by the campaign against energy.

We’ll put it bluntly: These activists are contemptuous of the people employed at Chevron. If 1,000 people lose their jobs, they view it as a small price for driving the energy sector out of the Bay Area and California.

California’s unemployment rate is 11.6 percent.

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  • Bob says:

    Here is a list of the toxins Chevron Richmond currently pumps into the community every year.

    An expansion of the plant to refining dirtier crudes would only increase this toxic load on the residents.

    Nice Chevron PR Video you run, how very “fair and balanced.”

    Will you run a video of the parents of the sick children from Richmond?

    Of course not.

  • James Mayeau says:

    How many of those unemployed owe their condition to the Global Warming Act of 2006?
    Most of them by my reckoning.
    What was Chevron doing while Al Gore was cashing in on the greatest con job in history?
    Sucking up to the criminally insane is what they were doing.
    Their Human Energy ad buys make it impossible to watch the tube, it’s such an insipid ankle grab suck up to the democrats.
    The rest of the world figured out a long time ago that the environmentalists are the enemies of humanity and modernity.
    Chevron spent the last seven years wining and dining the asylum orderlies.
    The rest of us figured out that a dollar spent on climate change was a dollar wasted, How many millions has Chevron squandered pandering to the climate shamans in that time?

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