Rep. Waxman: How Congress Really Works…Really? Really?

We’ve figured it out that Rep. Waxman is appearing on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show Tuesday to promote his book, “The Waxman Report: How Congress Really Work.”

The Wall Street Journal offers one view of how Congress really works, at least when it comes to the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade-and-command-and-control bill:

The Washington press corps is playing the bill’s 219-212 passage as a political triumph, even though one of five Democrats voted against it. The real story is what Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House baron Henry Waxman and the President himself had to concede to secure even that eyelash margin among the House’s liberal majority. Not even Tom DeLay would have imagined the extravaganza of log-rolling, vote-buying, outright corporate bribes, side deals, subsidies and policy loopholes. Every green goal, even taken on its own terms, was watered down or given up for the sake of political rents.

We’ll be interested to hear his reaction when the host reads that paragraph to him.

UPDATE (4 p.m.): Just bought the book; five copies on the shelves of Borders at F and 14th here in Washington. It has been out since February and is really just a compendium of Chairman Waxman’s hits as seen by Chairman Waxman. There’s only a passing mention of global warming and no reference to toys from China. Guess the chapter on the jobs-killing Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will have to wait for the paperback edition.

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