President Obama’s Health Care News Conference

Sincere questions:

Do the reporters get together beforehand and organize their questioning, agreeing that the questions  will be about the President’s topic of choice?

The President was obviously working off a list of reporters to select for questions, an understandable practice in a prime-time news event. But did the reporters say or agree or imply with White House staff that they would pose a health-care related question in an understanding he would pick them?

Now we don’t know all the details…so we’ll stop right there.

We do know this. According to the transcript, the number of times President Obama mentioned:

  • The costs of litigation in the health care system: 0
  • Malpractice reform: 0
  • Tort, or tort reform: 0
  • Caps on non-economic damages: 0
  • Trial lawyers: 0
  • Trial lawyers as a special interest: 0
  • Trial lawyers or their lobbyists who attended White House health care meetings.
  • Lobbying by the American Association for Justice: 0

But then the reporters posed no questions along those lines, either.

For more on the litigation industry’s lobbying efforts on health care, see this post at

And here’s a news release from the New York law firm of Parker Waichman Alonso LLP, “Bronx Jury Awards 60 Million Dollars to Woman in Medical Malpractice Case.”

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