N.D. Governor: U.S. Needs Comprehensive Energy Strategy

Outstanding testimony today from North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven, speaking at a Senate Environment and Public Works hearing, “Clean Energy Jobs, Climate-Related Policies and Economic Growth – State and Local Views.” The heart of his argument:

Instead of Waxman-Markey, or similar legislation, Congress needs to implement a comprehensive energy policy that will incentivize industry to develop all of our energy resources-both traditional sources and renewable sources-in an environmentally sound manner. The current uncertainty from Congress’s failure to do so is freezing investment of new technologies on the sidelines – technologies that will help our country produce more domestic energy in environmentally sound, cost-effective ways. 

Governor Hoeven provided specific examples from North Dakota about how Waxman-Markey would penalize the state and its private-sector energy companies, as well as North Dakota’s broader efforts to expand an environmentally responsible energy sector.

Other governors who testified today were Bill Ritter of Colorado, Christine Gregoire of Washington, and Jon Corzine of New Jersey. From Gov. Corzine’s testimony:

Under the leadership of President Obama, this body, your colleagues in the House, and states across this country, we are on the verge of a green revolution. This revolution will require a new way of thinking about our energy supply, energy demand and our impacts on the global environment.

Revolution, eh?

Well, let’s see how the different approaches toward energy have worked so far:

 Disclosure: The Shopfloor.org blogger used to work for Governor Hoeven, but it seems like ages ago.

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