NAM’s Jay Timmons on Bloomberg on Health Care

Boy, it seems like that’s all anybody’s talking about these days. But it’s a good interview, NAM Executive Vice President Jay Timmons outlining the NAM’s views on health care legislation. Click here.

Thanks for mentioning the medical tort reform issue, Jay. Too many in the media and policy worlds are forgetting about the costs imposed by frivolous lawsuits and excessive malpractice claims.

UPDATE (Scant seconds later): Speaking of which, has a new column up by Walter Olson drawing on an earlier post he did at, “Inside The Health Care Bill.” The issue is the relatively abstruse issue of Medicary Secondary Payer and efforts by the litigation industry to expand opportunities for speculative, gratuitous bounty-hunting lawsuits. Walter’s concluding point is important:

How many other surprises lay undiscovered in this monster enactment–and how many of them do we risk learning about only after they pass into law?

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