Jobs? Cleaner Environment? Supplying a Needed Product? NO!

It’s tempting to add this news to the ever-lengthening list of California’s self-destructive actions, but the unfortunate reality is that litigation to slow and stop energy-related projects is a national phenomenon.

From Chevron, a news release, “Chevron Stops Construction of Richmond Refinery Renewal Project
More than 1,000 workers lose jobs with project that improves air quality”:

RICHMOND, Calif., July 13, 2009 –Chevron’s Richmond Refinery management today
announced that it has stopped all work on a refinery upgrade and modernization project that would have replaced old equipment with newer, cleaner technology.

More than one thousand construction workers are without jobs as a result of the stoppage which was ordered by the Contra Costa County Superior Court on July 1, 2009. The decision was made in response to a request for a work stoppage order by Communities for a Better Environment, the West County Toxics Coalition and the Asian Pacific Environmental Network.

“While Chevron disagrees with the Court’s decision, we are complying with Court’s order made
at the plaintiffs’ request and have stopped all work on the project,” said refinery manager Mike Coyle.

“More than one thousand people are now out of work. By mid-week, 100 construction workers will remain for the period of time necessary to complete the safe demobilization of the Renewal Project.”

The environmental groups are, of course, thrilled with their victory. From the various groups, a release posted at Communities for a Better Environment, “Community and Public Health Advocates Halt Chevron
Refinery Expansion at Richmond, CA

“Today is a great victory for the people of Richmond. We stand with the workers, who, through no fault of their own, began working on a project that was not legal,” said Greg Karras of Communities for a Better Environment.

We stand with the workers — on the unemployment line.

P.S.  Although Chevron says it plans to refine light and intermediate crude at the expanded refinery, not heavy crude, the environmentalists have campaigned against the Richmond refinery project as part of their broad attack against “high-carbon” fuels.  One of the goals of these anti-energy groups in demonizing this form of crude is to shut down the Alberta oil sands and prevent any development of shale oil or tar sands in the United States.

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  • Mia says:

    Oh, sorry, unemployment is already above 15% in Richmond, California. Guess they’re trying for 20 or 25% by the end of the year?

  • Mia says:

    So how are these idiots going to replace the jobs they just lost for these people? Jobs…what are jobs? They all live off of or work for the government. Who needs jobs, right?

    Oh yeah, and where are all these supposed “green” jobs that were promised by the Obumbler administration? I’ll tell you where they are – NOWHERE! There are no “green” – red or blue jobs anywhere, and unemployment is expected to reach, what, 15% by the end of the year?

    What a bunch of maroons.

    Just like “Bob” above.

  • Cloudesley Shovell says:

    Will do, Bob. I will also be sure to point out to said mothers that the whole point of the construction project was this: refinery upgrade and modernization project that would have replaced old equipment with newer, cleaner technology.

    Sorry, no newer and cleaner technology for you–we’ll keep using the old stuff.

    While I’m doing that, you can go tell all the mothers married to those now laid off construction workers, who no longer have any income to pay for their children’s medical care, that their sacrifices on your particular altar are worth it.

    All depends on whose ox is gored, doesn’t it?

  • Bob says:

    Go to an asthma clinic in Richmond, California and tell the moms with kids gasping for air all about the glories of tar sands and sour crude.

    I’m sure they would agree that expanding Chevron’s capacity is more important than the health of their children.

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