Growing Pennsylvania, a Strategy — Competitiveness!

By July 7, 2009Economy, General

The Pennsylvania Business Council, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association, the state Chamber and a score of other business groups recently unveiled a solid policy plan for getting the state’s economy out of the doldrums, “Growing Pennsylvania’s 21st Century Economy.”

The major elements of the plan:

  • Budget and Government Spending;
  • Business Taxes;
  • Energy Affordability and Availability;
  • Environmental Regulation;
  • Health Care Affordability and Availability for Employers & Individuals;
  • Infrastructure; and
  • Comprehensive Legal Reform.

From the news release:

“In my many years of advocating for Pennsylvania’s employers, I have never seen such a high degree of collegiality and cooperation within the business community as we are witnessing today,” said Frederick W. Anton III, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association.

“Pennsylvania and the nation are in the throes of an economic recession,” said PBC President David W. Patti, “but this recession will end and when it does Pennsylvania must be poised to take advantage of the global recovery by being more competitive. More competitive than Pennsylvania was before. More competitive than other states. More competitive than other nations.”

The entire document can be downloaded or read online by clicking here.The Pennsylvania Business Council reports it will use its PBC eNewsletter keepingSCOREto chart progress on the proposals contained in “Growing Pennsylvania’s 21st Century Economy.” Legislative voting records on bills related to the proposals will be tracked online at

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