From the New Head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

By July 8, 2009Energy, Regulations

The Heritage Foundation’s Foundry blog reports on the remarks Tuesday of Gregory Jackzo, the new chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Jaczko’s talk was encouraging for its discussion of the need to enhance agency decisiveness and regulatory preparedness for dealing with new challenges, such as waste management and other fuel-cycle related activities. Both will be key factors in any future nuclear renaissance. Jaczko explained:

“Decisiveness means the ability to come to resolution in a predictable manner after open and informed debate. To be decisive, we must understand the public interest and as much of a complicated issue as possible so we can make a policy decision that ensures public health and safety…The public demands that from a regulator. The licensees should expect that from a regulator.”

Heritage has posted an .mp3 file of the event.

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