Friday Factory Tune: Wichita Lineman

Went looking for a big hit of July 1969 to mark the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, preferably a tune with an industrial or space angle. The July songs were just not that good. The best of the lot is “Color Him Father,” unless you include kitsch factor, in which case it’s “In the Year 2525.”

June was a much better month, musicwise. “Get Back” by The Beatles, “Bad Moon Risin,” and “Love (Can Make You Happy)” by Mercy. To name just a few.

As for manufacturing-related tunes, it has to be “Wichita Lineman” as performed by Glen Campbell. Smart grid? Smart song! But then Jimmy Webb was a fine songwriter.

The song was popular worldwide, including in Germany, where it was “Der Draht in Der Sonne,” i.e., “The Wire in the Sun.” There’s no mention of any linemen in the song, though. It’s just a guy looking at wires.

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