Friday Factory Tune: Safety Dance

The public radio program, Marketplace Morning Report, did a brief segment this week on Consumer Product Safety Chairman Inez Tenenbaum traveling to Asia and the opening of a CPSC office in China. The day’s program summary also lists music they used that day, including “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats.

Why hadn’t we thought of that? Perfect for all the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Updates.  The Safety Dance!

The music video, full of medieval cavorting, was a staple of MTV during the mid-80s. A simple two note phrase repeated on the synthesizer made it a hit.

It turns out the band they could reproduce the sound live, too. (Albeit with a Wall of Voodoo vocal vibe.)

Another great Montreal rock band, come and gone.

Today, given the CPSC’s recent affirmation of the CPSIA’s ban on bangles, beads and sparkles, the song could best be performed by a band named Kids Without Hats.

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