Dream It, Do It, Alabama

From The Montgomery Advertiser, “Manufacturing group has eye on the future“:

The manufacturing industry in Alabama is putting out the help-wanted sign, but the industry isn’t looking for adults.

The industry is looking for the bright, young minds of the future, according to Ronnie Boles.

Boles is the president of Huntsville-based General and Automotive Machine Shop Inc. and has worked for the past three years to launch the “Dream it, Do it” initiative in the Tennessee Valley.

On Wednesday, members of the state Workforce Planning Council got a look at the program that serves nine counties in Tennessee and 14 counties in Alabama that could one day be a model for the state.

Here’s a map of the Tennessee Valley region and the educational and training institutions involved in Dream It Do It.

And the website for General and Automotive Machine Shop Inc. is, sensibly enough: www.generalautomotivemachineshop.com/

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