CPSIA Update: Unanimity!

By July 14, 2009Regulations

In its first 3-0 vote after Chairman Inez Tenenbaum joined the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the CPSC has agreed to give the motorized recreational vehicle industry another month to file a report on the metal parts in its machines.

The CPSC in May voted to grant a one-year stay of enforcement for the ATV and motorized recreational vehicle industry from the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act’s new, lower lead-content standards, but required manufacturers to file a report on a component parts of the recreational vehicles, including the lead content.  The deadline for submitting the report was July 11, and the CPSC yesterday voted to extend the filing requirement until August 14. (That’s the same day the CPSIA’s product tracking label requirement goes into effect.)

The additional breathing room is certainly welcome, but it’s not a particularly controversial decision the CPSC has just made. We’ll be looking for the vote expected Thursday on exempting crystals and glass beads from the CPSIA’s lead content requirements. CPSC staff believes the law requires the products to be banned, even though there is no health risk to children.

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