CPSIA Update: Support for Stay of Tracking Label Requirement

Rick Woldenberg of Learning Resources Inc., a leading advocate of reforming the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, enthusiastically endorses the NAM CPSC Coalition’s renewed request for a one-year stay of the CPSIA’s product tracking label requirements:

In its letter, NAM called the lack of CPSC implementing guidance on tracking labels “an unconscionable dilemma for industry”. The tracking labels fiasco creates enormous burdens for industry and is in many ways pointless and unjustifiable. See my earlier posts (here, here, here and here) on this topic and my testimony before the CPSC for background (here and here). To allow this provision to stand, without having given ANY guidance or answered ANY of the legitimate and appropriate questions of industry, would be shamefully irresponsible of the CPSC Commission. [Unfortunately, Congress seems immune to shame when it comes to the CPSIA and will not act to delay this provision. As its leaders will tell you, Congress has already acted with great “common sense”.] The notion that it is okay to induce widespread economic convulsions as part of some kind of jolly “learning process” must be REJECTED.

If Rick comes across as exercised, frustrated and angry, well, thousands of manufacturers — including many, many small, home-based business owners — are similarly besides themselves. When Congress passes a law that puts you out of business and then pretends there’s not a problem, frustration and anger seem like a reasonable reaction.

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