CPSIA Update: Rep. Waxman, Explaining How Congress Really Works

By July 6, 2009Regulations

Chairman Henry Waxman is the first hour-guest Tuesday on the NPR radio program, “The Diane Rehm Show.” Blurb:

Representative Henry Waxman, Congressman Henry Waxman, 30th District, California chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He offers his perspective on health care and climate change legislation and explains how Congress really works.

The major issues of climate change and health care aside, we really want to hear what Chairman Waxman has to say about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. The Diane Rehm Show is not what you’d call caller-driven, but she does take calls and e-mail commentary for her listeners, so this is a rare opportunity for Rep. Waxman to hear from the hoi polloi beyond Hollywood.

Clearly the small business owners and others who see their livelihoods being destroyed by the CPSI should try to communicate with Chairman Waxman, make a clear statement and pose a simple question: Your law is forcing me to close my business. Why?

The potential follow-up questions are legion, but we’ll start with this one: Why have you refused to consider legislation to amend the law, or to even have a committee hearing?

(Hat tip: @Jenboree). There’s a lot of activity on the topic via Twitter #CPSIA.)

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  • Jen DeGrace says:

    Thanks for the mention. Hope she picks up the topic… Waxman’s been dodging us for too long. The CPSIA story certainly dovetails with “how Congress really works”. -Jen (Jenboree)

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