CPSIA Update: More Lead in the WH Garden Than in Toys

By July 23, 2009Regulations

Splendid column in Forbes.com by Jeff Stier of the American Council on Science and Health, “Is The White House’s Organic Garden Toxic To Kids?” The answer comes in the second headline, “No, according to toxicologists. It ought to be, according to environmentalists.” Excerpts:

Earlier this month, The New York Times reported that the National Park Service found lead in the White House garden soil. In fact, tests found somewhere between 450% and 900% of the normal amount of lead in U.S. soil. The White House did not dispute the findings but defended the lead in the garden, calling it “completely safe.” They are right. Though lead at higher levels can be dangerous, the garden, like the products banned by CPSIA, is well within safety limits. But the White House’s defense rings of self-serving hypocrisy. Where were the White House reassurances when environmentalists were pushing CPSIA restrictions on other fronts?…[snip]

Now that they’ve seen the light, will the White House join thousands of small businesses and consumers calling for the repeal of the CPSIA? The Bush Food and Drug Administration found BPA to be safe, but the Obama FDA called for a do-over. Will their findings be consistent with the White House’s newfound appreciation for basic tenets of toxicology? Will the new regime at the EPA halt its trumped-up health claims and halt their unprecedented attack on America’s producers?

If so, something truly beneficial will have grown out of the White House’s “organic” garden after all.

We wonder how the White House will manage to attach the permanent product tracking label on each individual Brussels sprout.

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  • Michael Shaw says:


    This fits with the current bit that Congress members will be exempt from the new health care plan.

    Just the sort of elitism that occurs in all socialism. The members don’t care about lead at all–beyond its usefulness as a hobbyhorse to higher taxes and more control.

    But, Hell, this sort of thing has been going on since Teddy Roosevelt…

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