Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a Growing Field

New(s) to us, but it’s another topic for discussion at the American Association for Justice’s summer gathering in San Francisco, i.e., the trial lawyers’ convention. From Sunday’s sessions outlined in the AAJ convention brochure:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/RSD Litigation Group

Theme: Effective Trial Presentation of Chronic Pain Syndrome Cases

  • Cases That Fly and Cases That Bark: Tips for Telling Them Apart
  • Making Medicine (and Invisible Pain Syndromes) Real for the Jury in CRPS Cases
  • Trial Techniques in CRPS Cases
  • Challenging Defense Experts (Foundational Attacks and IMEs)
  • CRPS in Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Matters
  • Question and Answer Session

RSD stands for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, another term for the malady. The Merck Manual has more.

Not to denigrate or deny anyone’s pain, CRPS still makes for a good syndrome for exploitation by personal injury lawyers — the etiology is uncertain, it manifests itself through different symptoms, and the pain is subjectively reported.

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