Card Check: The Kind of Debate the SEIU Wants — One-Sided

By July 12, 2009Labor Unions

In Nebraska and Arkansas, the beleagued Service Employees International Union is demanding that TV stations pull advocacy spots sponsored by the Employee Freedom Action Committee that criticize the dishonestly named Employee Free Choice Act. The SEIU says the ads are false! False! (SEIU news release.)

The gist of the spots (YouTube) is that unions are bad and deprive employees of the right to negotiate their compensation individually. That’s a matter of debate, isn’t it? Although as the Truth about EFCA blog points out, the SEIU is certainly knowledgeable about spreading falsehoods. “Even the Wall Street Journal…”

Anyway, we continue to be impressed with the hubris of unions who claim they to want to give workers a voice at the same time trying to squelch debate. Makes one doubt their sincerity.

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