Card Check, Solis: It Doesn’t Take Away Power from Business

By July 13, 2009General

Happened again up the June 30th Washington Post interview with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, part of the paper’s “Voices of Power,” series. The headline, “Solis Hopes to ‘Level the Playing Field’ for Unions.” The conversation seems relevant today since a score of union leaders are headed to the White House to meet with the President on health care. Will we get more of this kind of confusion?

Romano: Doesn’t the Employee Free Choice Act in fact take power away from the employer [and] give that power to the union organizers?

Solis: I don’t think that it takes away power from businesses.

Two words: Binding arbitration.

By definition, arbitration takes power away from the parties involved in the negotiations, but especially from the business side. Employers no longer decide the wages, benefits and workplace conditions; they are all determined by the third-party, ostensibly disinterested arbitrator.

Secretary Solis: “I don’t think that it takes power away from businesses.”

You would think an Obama Cabinet member would avoid bushwah.

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