Card Check: A Vote Is Still Out of Reach

By July 21, 2009Labor Unions

We hear today that Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) who is managing the Employee FORCED Choice Act in the Senate for its lead sponsor Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) has acknowledged that there is still not enough support for the bill in the Senate.

According to CQ, the Senator now expects to hold a vote in September or October when Sen. Kennedy is expected to return to the Senate. Where have heard this before?

First he said that there would be a vote in June:

We’re trying to get the necessary compromises made to get this through,” Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said today. But if a compromise cannot be found, “it is my intent that we will put the original bill on the floor and make people vote on it,” Harkin said. He added that any compromise would likely bypass the committee process and go straight to the floor, hopefully in June.

CongressDaily May 19th

Then he said that he hoped to hold a vote in July:

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) indicated Wednesday that he will be ready to bring up the long-stalled Employee Free Choice Act next month, following weeks of negotiations with key stakeholders.
Roll Call, June 10th

But now he says that the vote will be in September or October?

No matter how long the vote is postponed, it’s going to be hard to persuade 60 Senators to support a proposal that could cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. Even thought a recent New York Times story claimed that a “deal” on a variant of the bill was in reach, Senators – or at least the voters – recognize that the premise behind EFCA is bad for the economy, no matter what shape an alternative bill takes.

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