Card Check: A Manufacturer Asks, What About Our 140 Jobs?

By July 20, 2009Labor Unions

From Dieter Weissenrieder, president of Weiss-Aug Co. Inc. in East Hanover, N.J., an op-ed in The Daily Record, “Employee Free Choice Act: Proposal would kill jobs“:

My metal stamping company in East Hanover faces many challenges to remain competitive in these tough economic times. The last thing we need is the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act. This bill is one of the most direct threats to manufacturers’ ability to compete globally and create jobs in New Jersey and across America. At its core, the EFCA is a power grab by labor leaders to increase union membership by radically overhauling our labor law system to tilt in their favor.

And his conclusion…

Manufacturers today operate amid complex and speedy global supply chains, facing enormous pressures to manage costs while innovating to create the next generation of product. The EFCA acknowledges none of these realities, instead offering a workplace with rigid work rules and adversarial employer-employee relationships.

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  • Joe Brown says:

    Mr. Weissenreider is exactly right about the EFCA. It’s mindnumbingly frustrating to watch our government sit back and let the uneven playing field abuse its manufacturing base. When they finally do something manufacturing-related, it’s something so az-backwards like Employee-free-choice act. Further, what a deceiving title for this jaded bill.

    Great site and keep up the good work!
    Joe Brown (dedicated to rebuilding America’s tooling industry)

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